Step 3

Happiness Step Three: Body, Mind, & Spirit are Experienced as Flow, Resonance, & Spark

Creating flow, resonance and spark in body, mind and spirit is the lesson from the Third Secret for Happiness.

Application of the Third Secret

Begin identifying.

Make three columns on a sheet of paper and label them Body, Mind and Spirit. Under each heading write out quickly the desires of each aspect of your trinity. Don’t censor your answers! Be honest and write whatever comes to mind. These can be large or small desires, like money or a chocolate cupcake. Don’t throw your list away! You will need it for the fourth secret.

This will help you to begin identifying your desires and to see if they are helpful or destructive to your life. The third secret is about awareness; and this is part of being enlightened about yourself. Awareness is the beginning of change. Try expanding your newfound awareness to other aspects of your life, whether personal or professional. Are your actions based on your trinity?

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