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In a narrative that could be ripped from the pages of any American life, Prem Chopra offers a lasting lesson in how to live life purposefully. With our harried lives often lacking thoughtfulness, perspective or true meaning, this is wisdom that could not come at a better time. With clear, forceful writing, Chopra makes absorbing timeless Indian wisdom as easy as reading the latest novel.

Usha Lee McFarling, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Los Angeles, CA.

A modern day parable on the value of self-reflection, The Purpose and Meaning of Life provides a framework for processing the seemingly inexplicable happenings of the modern world with time-tested philosophy from the East. Dr. Chopra tells a story based on autobiographical events of negotiating the business world while not compromising one’s ideals.As a physician, the framework for initiating action described in The Purpose and Meaning of Life has been helpful in motivating patients to change hurtful behaviors in addition to providing me with a deeper understanding of my own actions and desires.
More than a self-help book, Dr. Chopra’s novel tells an engaging story and allows the reader to take what he wants from the Sikh tradition. Anyone planning for change, beginning something new, or just attempting to gain insight into his own life as seen through the lens of Eastern philosophy should put The Purpose and Meaning of Life on the top of their reading list.

Philip Grant, MD, Seattle, WA.

I greatly enjoyed this very readable book.The format Chopra has chosen makes for a reflective and comfortable way to communicate his thoughts.In other words, it flows! Although I understand much of the message intuitively, by living to middle age and being a student of ecology, Chopra’s important contribution is to covey these lessons in a tangible manner for others to use on their life journeys.It is the ultimate self-help treatise! With admiration for this work.

John Sutton, Urban Architect, Philadelphia, PA

Prem Chopra has chosen some of the most profound ideas to base his landmark book on: bravo to him for transmitting the perennial philosophy.He expresses these concepts lucidly and shows their relevance to people’s lives.He has some wonderful anecdotes, couplets and metaphors with which to illustrate and ground these teachings, which otherwise would languish in abstraction. He tantalizes the reader with his distinct talent at writing description and he knows how to use transitions to make his writing flow.His dialogue brings everything down-to-earth and makes things happen in the present moment, so they don’t keep floating in timeless abstraction.When Pete loses his investment and his savings, Chopra’s writing is at its best; it is living encounters such as these that make good fiction.Here the writing pulls at the reader’s heart, rather that his head.In effect, it makes the reader more involved.Yet again, the pace accelerates, human emotions add excitement and body to the ideology, and the writing proves electric!

Prem Chopra’s promoting meditation and prayer is laudable.His making Pete’s awakening to and understanding of these ideas the primary focus, rather than the ideas as ideas, helps bring truisms out of the realm of the rhetorical and plants them firmly in the safe and solid soil of the subjective.Throughout the book, philosophical ideas are promoted, but they’re used as stimuli to provoke a character’s response.

Nancy Siencknecht, MA, English Literature, Teacher, Writer, Chattanooga, TN

Fascinating book, brilliantly conceived and written. Thought-provoking, enduring gems of wisdom woven through stories and experiences.A book that will inspire readers to examine themselves more closely and search for life’s deeper meaning.Ronald G. Area, Ph.D., President & CEO, Oklahoma State University Foundation, OK

“The Purpose and Meaning of Life” is an important book.It delightfully entertains as it teaches.This book brings to us, through simple stories, the timeless wisdom of the ages–which can be applied readily to modern life.It is useful to everyone from the east or west, young or old, whatever religious faith they follow.I recommend this book to all who wish to enhance their understanding of the purpose and meaning of life and to improve its quality.Dr. Prem Chopra has done a marvelous job in bringing the most profound aspects of the perennial philosophy within the grasp of the general reader.I plan to keep this book close at hand in order that I too may do as I recommend to others.Surjeet Malhan, PhD, Dean Emeritus, Baroda and Delhi Universities, India

Chopra demystifies leadership and ethics. For most of us, leadership is a confusing concept—Chopra makes it clear.Similarly, ethics are ambiguous because they are relative with respect to time and culture—Chopra makes them lucid and universal.He accomplishes this first by dissecting action with the precision and finality of an accomplished surgeon.He then presents the results in a simple way that is easy to understand and apply. Another important contribution of the author is the integration of ethics into the fabric of action. Finally, he shows, by examples, a simple way to learn and apply principles of leadership and ethics in everyday life. For those who like to follow systematic frameworks, Chopra provides one, explaining it with simple metaphors and a contemporary life devoid of the trappings of the deep philosophy upon which it is based.

Surjeet Malhan, PhD, Dean Emeritus, Baroda and Delhi Universities, India

I especially enjoyed and appreciated the simplicity and humility with which Chopra presents a philosophical system for action using the metaphor of the Brook–blending ancient wisdom with modern life.Every part of “The Purpose and Meaning of Life” echoes the sincerity expressed in the subtitle: If I had Known. This book provide one of those rare experiences which continue to linger in the pleasant reaches of the mind.Such experiences defy attempts by the waves of intervening thoughts to drown them–as Chopra would say. I recommend this book to all children, to grown ups and to parents of children and grown ups, so that they too may learn to learn, care and share as the characters in the book have shown.

Satwant Sidhu, M.D., Bel Air, CA



The Brook has helped me realize that I have to pass over life instead of life passing over me. Reading and understanding Pete’s life, has helped me analyze and understand the people that play a role in my life, and how to deal with them–whether they are givers or takers, leaders or followers, Christians or Buddhists. The Brook takes you to a very intimate level with yourself, it takes you from introspection to purposeful action–with only one desire, “live your life happily and plentifully.”

Why should someone buy, and read, the book?Because I believe that many people are as lost as I was before diving into it. Any one that wants to find out what life is all about and how you go about it, or if they know someone with that desire, they should buy it, read it and share it. So they will never tell themselves with regret, “I wish I had known.” I believe this book will be very important for any reader who gets the feeling and taste of it, which is very easy to do.It provides everyday guidance for whatever issue or situation we get involved in and whoever we deal with.The author has an excellent way of showing you who you are and why.This helps you improve your style of life and your set of mind and consequently help others have purposeful lives. Thank you, Dr. Chopra for showing me how I could change my life for the better–thank you for making my journey more meaningful!

Martha Ramos, MS Engineering, Bogota, Colombia, Presently in Houston, TX.


A comment from Martha Ramos about the a TY interview question:

TY host: : “If I read the lessons in the book, why do I need to read the book?”

“I think that it is very important to read the book. The lessons teach based on Pete’s experiences and actions–from his subjective point of view. The book lets you go deeper and learn your own lessons.Maybe you do not agree with something; therefore you can adjust the lesson to your personal experience.The book provides a more objective way of understanding the entire Brook–and so, your life.” Martha Ramos.


Life can be represented by either good or evil forces. This book proves and confirms through your experience and wisdom that good actions have always succeeded because they are purposeful.

The book confirmed to me that good believes are purposeful and wisdom is purposeful.Good leaders are wise people because they do purposeful actions.To me the book is essential life guidance because of the deep and good experiences of the author. Dr. Chopra’s book provides simple and deep guidance for every average person to learn and practice.It helps students, workers and leaders in reaching their objectives faster through a simple well organized 3 phases and 12 easy steps.

This book is an essential reference guide for everyone. It deals with professional and personal life, spiritually and practically, in a wise and meaningful way.It provides the reader years of experience in a few days of easy reading.It keep you from saying with regret: “I wish I had Known … ”

Ahmad K. Yasin, MS Engineering, Executive V. P. Integrated Voice Solutions, Inc., Chattanooga, TN


Many times in business I have wished that I could have said the right thing on the spur of the moment.THE PURPOSE AND MEANING OF LIFE gives me the ability to have credible, substantive input on the tip of my tongue.The methodology is easy to remember and the relationships that are built upon it are lasting.”

Mike Bunting, Engineering Manager, McKee and Company, MA in Divinity


The book is so great!It is just like a picture.As you read through it you see the settings and the beautiful scenes.

The book helped me understand that my life is flowing like a river, and I learned that I still have to learn a lot and a lot is not even enough.That is why I have to thank Dr. Prem Chopra for writing this book.I recommend this book because it has helped me and I know it will continue to help me with my life’s journey.It will definitely help millions of others out there.I feel that I am like Pete and I can learn as he learned! I have five words for the reading public: this book will be: “An Example to go by.”

Dolly Aziz, Engineer, Cairo, Egypt


Dr. Chopra’s work is a brilliant presentation in integrating spiritual values with modern management practices and philosophy….. it pushes the two boundaries to amalgamate the teachings into one living reality.

The chapter summaries provide a focal point for daily meditation until the goal of “living reality” is achieved.”

Ishwar Singh, Ph.D., Professor, Hamilton University, Ontario, Canada


The vast majority of college students and MBAs enter the workforce motivated by a lust for wealth.This path often leads to unhappiness and burnout.Alternatively, the wisdom in Dr. Chopra’s narrative leads one to the conclusion that it is far better to live a purposeful life, to be a servant-leader, to think big, to be a person of action, to add value, to use technology for noble purposes, to be thought of as a giver.

The book gives a comprehensive framework of thought that, once learned, is incredibly difficult to forget.Without trying, readers will begin to apply the lessons of the book to their careers, to the their relationships with others, and to the pursuit of a greater purpose in their lives.

Jason Luna, Industrial Psychologist, Vikus Corporation


This book provides: Enjoyment; Spiritual but Non-religious Help; and a way to pursue the purpose of life through Secular Purposeful Action. “The Purpose and Meaning of Life…,” provides readers several hours of enjoyable reading, plus, among other benefits: a framework with which to organize and understandtheir own ethics and code of values, and a proven way to define their purpose in life and guide their actions to that purpose. Most people, even the most devoted and most fanatic for a cause, religion or any personal conviction, are lost in the credo and value systems of that conviction. “The Purpose and Meaning…” is a book about spiritual and secular values. This book provided me with an organized framework into which I could categorize and analyze my personal beliefs and personal values. I now know and understand why I am a Roman Catholic.

Virgil A. Thomason, Ph.D., Professor, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, TN (Devout Catholic).


In today’s world, it is so important to remind ourselves that ethics and morality are the basis for civilization of man to exists.Without it we are doomed.”The Purpose and Meaning of Life…” reminds us of our good deeds and treating our fellowman with respect, kindness and understanding.By giving we get, by sharing we become a part, by interacting we become a partner to the plan of creation.We are all boats in the brook of life, seeking out the truths and purposes of our existence.Chopra gives a simple way to acquire and apply this wisdom.

Louis C. Towne, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon and Cantor, San Diego, CA.


The story in “Purpose and Meaning of Life” will appeal to the modern seeker, especially those adults between the ages of 20 and 50 who have jobs similar to the main characters’ and who face similar situations.The story holds the reader’s attention as Pete pursues his quest step by step.I also like the idea of presenting each concept, summarizing main points in the Lessons, and building as the narrative and Pete progress.

Chopra has well woven the philosophical into everyday life of people, showing the connections between Eastern concepts and Christianity and Judaism in an amicable and non-threatening way.Although it may not have been the author’s intention, for most Americans the book will demystify not only concepts of Eastern philosophy but also Indians who wear turbans!

Janice Holmberg, Editor, Medford, Oregon.


“The Purpose and Meaning of Life”, is a summation of the truths that I have found in my medical travels and experiences with people of various walks of life in four continents.I have found Dr. Chopra’s book a very careful blend of eastern truths with western philosophies.This work has confirmed my findings of the commonality of all mankind in our search of “what is the point to our existence,” and “if there is a God, why does the earth with people work the this way?”For those lost souls who are struggling to understand, as well as those people who enjoy thoughtful discovery of life, being, and better relationships with other people and a God of their destiny, this book is a must read.

Thomas M. Beahm, M.D. F.A.C.S., Plastic Surgeon, Chattanooga, TN.