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Volume I, Issue 6, April 22, 2002

The Desire to be Loved and A View of The Brook

In this Issue:
Navigation Log: Personal Financial Tip
Currents: A Western Psychologist’s View
Ripples: The Desire to be Loved
Your Views: Wisdom and Strength from Job Loss

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Navigation Log: April 22, 2002, Personal Financial Tip from a Navigator – 2nd Level of Desire

Remove all your credit cards and personal identifications from your wallet (no, this is not a holdup!),
place them on a copier or scanner and make a record of both sides. Add other related information
to the record and store copies in at least two safe and convenient places.

Benefits: Immediate stress relief plus, if you lose your purse or wallet, you will be less stressed while
reporting loss and handling replacements. This will help you act–not worry, despite the loss.

Some of the most valuable things in life are “free!”

In the Next Issue: More Logs from the 1st and 2nd levels of desire–to transform stress into flow!

Currents: Thoughts underlying the flow of our lives.

A Preeminent Western Psychologist’s View of The Brook:

“Demonstrating a way to seamlessly blend Western and Eastern cultural tradition in a journey
wrapped around a brook, Pete Cameron’s contemporary life shows the way we must navigate
the brook if we are to achieve success as well as fulfillment of purpose.”

“In actual fact Pete’s brook is a physical reality. The brook as an abstraction also represents
the world through which we all pass, and for Pete it is a vehicle with which he learns great wisdom.
The traveler balances in a scull while rowing clear of obstacles in the river on the way to arrive at
his/her destination. In choosing a path to follow, one cannot anticipate all the obstacles that one
will encounter along the way.”

“Navigating the brook is not successfully done by a single minded pursuit of an immediate objective.
Objectives are merely way stations by which we achieve the mission we choose for ourselves.
As we travel the brook, we must constantly re-assess how well the journey brings us to the realization
of our original purpose.” Edward J. Green, PhD.

Dr. Green received his doctorate in psychology from Harvard University under the guidance of B. F.
Skinner, one of the past century’s most respected behavioral scientists. Professor Green is the author
of several books, has lectured extensively, worked in industry, taught at Columbia University and served
as head of the psychology department at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. You may reach
him at ejg@iName.com

Read full review at: http://www.brookoflife.com/A_Western_Psychologist’s%20View.htm — well worth it!

Ripples: Transient thoughts from The Brook.

A Traveler asked, “Is the desire to be loved a desire of giving or taking?”

A Navigator answered, “The desire to be loved is a desire of taking!”

Bhai Vir Singh ji, one of the most respected Sikh poet-saints of the last century, wrote:

“Oh foolish damsel, why frettest thou that thee be loved?
If love dwelleth in thee, what could surpass that?”

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Your Views: Thoughts from The Brook of Your Life.

One Navigator writes about gaining wisdom and strength from job loss:

“I took the recent loss of my job as being thrown into a deep dark well with no way out–I was
devastated. Then I recalled how Pete saw his losses as a bend in the river and continued to
navigate with purpose. I am happy in my new job, even though it pays less. I am no longer
afraid of losing it. I have become more ‘detached,’ and aware of change and flow in life.”

“I am reminded of the words from your seminar: ‘Failures are the pillars of success.’ I can see
the image of my childhood–falling repeatedly, until I learn to stand, walk and run…”

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