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Volume 1, Issue 11, June 30, 2002
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Purposeful Leadership, Ethics and Core Values of Giving

In this Issue:
Navigation Log: My Galapagos Pictures Ended up Duds!
Currents: Corporate Corruption and Purposeful Action
Ripples: Can I take you out to lunch?
Your Views: From Our Readers

“The Founding Fathers’ Vision of Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness” is the topic of a special book
interview on The Purpose and Meaning of Life with Mary Anne Williams on WUTC at 11:00 am on
Wednesday, July 3.

Vice President Dick Cheney managed to get “the path of action,” and “freedom” into this statement in
Charlotte, N.C. on Friday:

“The only path to safety is the path of action (Karam Yoga). The United States of America will act, and
we will defeat the enemies of freedom.” In a column by Scott Lindlaw, The Associates Press.

Navigation Log: My Galapagos Pictures Ended up Duds!

“Thanks for the pictures.” wrote a fellow-traveler. “I loved your Vermillion Fly Catcher. Your pictures and
Mary’s (name changed) were great. Mine ended up being a lot of duds…disappointing. I need to take
photography lessons and/or purchase a new camera. What a fabulous trip!”

Hang on–the story has a happy ending.

“Hi Joan (name changed), thanks for your kind note–don’t fret, we will share many pictures with you!
Regards, Prem”

There has been a flood of photographs from our trip. The real challenge lies in sorting through them.

Friendship is not a zero sum game. By sharing our pictures, we multiply our pleasure at no loss, whilst
those who receive reduce their sorrow at no expense. This experience illustrates the statement in our
recent seminar on 7 Secrets for Happiness:

“Friendship halves the pain and doubles the joy.”

What a deal !

Currents: Can Corporate Corruption be Examined through the Lens of Purposeful Action?

A seminar attendee asked, “Can the Framework for Purposeful Action explain the cur
rent ethical crisis
in Corporate America–with Enron, Anderson, MCI, TYCO, Martha Stewart and others?”

“There are many reasons,” I responded, “but these companies and the people who run them share
characteristics that can be highlighted by the Framework.”

“Can the three phases of Purposeful Action show us what went wrong?” She persisted.

“The people in power were focused upon the fruits of their actions and not on a mission derived from
introspection. Thus (in the first phase), they acted from the outside-in instead of inside-out. Their
efficiency as managers (Phase Two) is irrelevant if the actions are mis
s-directed and aimed at personal
enrichment at the expense of stakeholders. These are the classic takers in the brook. Finally, they
tripped and were caught in the (third phase) steps of assessment, renewal, reward andreprimand.”

I continued. “One must apply the Core Value System as well–the two oars that balance our boat.”

“You mean the five positive and the five negative core values?” She asked.

“That’s right. The actions of these executives provide classic demonstrations of corporate lust, greed,
attachment and arrogance.”

“You did not include anger.” She said. “Is that not one of the five negative values?”

“Anger arises from fear. There appears to have been much fear at Enron, which caused people to
participate in the cover-up.” I replied.

“And, these actions promoted further fear and anger in many victims whose savings and careers were
devastated,” she added. “So, all five were present.”


Moments later she asked, “What do the positive values tell us?”

“As you know, darkness is destroyed by light, not by beating it with a broom fashioned from a list of
don’ts. Similarly, the answer to this crisis lies in the positive core values. Light a match and see

the darkness disappear

“Do you mean,” she asked, “that had the managers of these companies acted with integrity and
commitment to mission, remained persistent in that commitment, worked with all stakeholders as
one team, and communicated truthfully–sharing information with all concerned, this crisis
have occurred?”


“In one of your seminars,” she continued, “you compared purposeful life with a journey in a brook —
open to the environment, interacting and
interchangingwith nature all the time. A pipeline may be
more efficient in delivering goods from one place to another, but it is a closed system–who knows
what may occur within. You could have been describing Enron…”

Purposeful Action is summarized in pages 18 & 19 of “The Purpose and Meaning of Life.” This little book
illustrates Pete Cameron’s struggle with core values in his journey of self-discovery and the personal and
professional growth that follows: http://www.purposeandmeaningoflife.com/

“Can Leadership be Divorced from Ethics?”

For a Free copy of this lecture presented at the American Society of Engineering Management Conference,
please send an e-mail to info@brookoflife.com with the word, “ASEM.”

Ripples: Can I take you out to lunch?

A few days following an informal talk on Purposeful Action at the Mystic Java Cafe a young woman who had
left early called, “Can I take you out to lunch?”

Before I could answer, she added, “I have bought some copies of your book which I would like you to sign if
you don’t mind.”

“Mind?” I asked myself, pleased with the entire sound of the call as I replied, “Sure, how about Rembrandt’s

I signed three of the four books she brought to lunch–one for her mother and two for friends. “You can sign
ine after I read it and we discuss it.” She said.

The touching part of this experience was the affirmative way in which this young woman approached major
obstacles in her life — centered on a recent event that would lead most people to utter despondency.
Apparently, she related to Pete Cameron’s rise from the ashes in the brief description she had heard.

“I’m happy with my job.” She said, even as I calculated the amount she spent cheerfully on the books and lunch.
Yet, I could not deprive her of the pleasure of treating me to lunch nor could I bring myself to give her one or
more copies of the book from my ample stock. She exuded far too much happiness for me to interfere.

This is a classic example of one who seeks knowledge(the third level of desire) and can’t help being a giver.

Thus, the belief:

“Giving brings happiness–
thereinlies the secret to the purpose and meaning of Life.”

Your Views: From Our Readers

“How much are a pound of monkey brains?” The shopper asked.

“Ten dollars a pound.” Answered the seller of these intriguing wares.

“What about the Manager?”

“Thirty dollars.” Said the salesperson.

“How much for the Engineer’s brains?” The shopper asked as the salesperson became impatient

“The Engineer’s brains go for eighty a pound.” Replied the salesperson, turning away.

“Wait a minute.” The shopper yelled. “I’m really interested in that special package marked Politician.”

“You don’t want those” She replied.

“Why not? How much are they?” The shopper asked.

“Five hundred dollars.” She said, ready to call it quits.

“How come they’re so expensive?” The shopper asked.

“Do you know how many politicians it takes to get a pound of brains?”

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