Peaceful Garden — Meditation Pictures
from Purposeful Action and The Brook of Life

Make the wold your garden … and it will amaze you !

Beauty is in the mind … even before the lens is focused.

A peaceful garden can be the perfect place for prayer and meditation.

Meditating Buddha

Meditation is a form of Yoga, and prayer is a form of meditation. Yoga simply means union. In Eastern tradition, Yoga means union of the individual spirit with the Supreme Spirit or Supreme Creative Force, which some call God.

Mind is the flow of thoughts. By controlling your thoughts, you control your mind. Meditation, or Mental Yoga, helps your mind disassociate from your thoughts. By releasing your mind from the tentacles of the world, you free your spirit. This is the essence of the teachings of Buddha.

Enjoy these few pictures from gardens designed by the author. More pictures and video clips will be added in due course …

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My own quest for wisdom started later in life, soon after my first meditative experience. “Since childhood, I was drawn towards ancient wisdom and the teachings of the sages, even as I attempted to understand and reconcile these with the realities of the world.purposefulwisdom I felt there was something indefinable and undiscovered within me – something disassociated and perhaps in conflict with the world around me.

“Then, one evening in May of 1984, while on a business trip to Singapore, as I attempted to shed the stress of the day’s negotiations, I drifted into a disassociated state. Suddenly, I found myself totally stress-free and relaxed like never before – as if my life had taken a turn into a blissful state. I had no idea how long this bliss would last. I did not known then that I had inadvertently entered a meditative state – I had to have been. Since then I have wondered, was this my moment of enlightenment?”

The quest continues, and so will the flow of pictures on this page …

Here are a few meditative moments captured in the “universal garden” or our “universal brook” during the course of my ongoing quest for enlightenment …

Make the wold your garden … and it will amaze you !

Peru-Machu Pichu-2



You see what you look for ...

IMG_6300 - Version 2

 Welcome to this beautiful Brook !

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