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A Professor’s Book Depicts Journey to Enlightenment

By Jenny Adkins, Assistant Editor, The University Echo
September 20, 2007

Are you looking for a way to relieve stress? You do not have to search very far.

The Voice, the Mind and the Traveler, by Prem Chopra, professor of management in the department of engineering, teaches you how to deal with obstructions and distractions in your life. It provides a beautiful illustration of Gyan Yoga, the ancient eastern path to enlightenment. Chopra attempts to “open the mind” of students and change “stress into flow.”

This is a book of meditation. It is a story that follows the protagonist, Ann, on a universal journey to uncover the seven secrets to achieve happiness and freedom. Ann’s journey is presented to the reader through a conversation between Mind and Voice, acting as characters. The idea is that through meditation, Voice, otherwise known as your intuition, speaks to Mind, which then speaks to the Traveler, Ann. The Traveler is then able to follow his or her intuition and work to be free from all attachment, ultimately leading to the “Eternal Creative Force.”

“Find the truth you believe in and follow it; in fact, envelop your self in it,” said Chopra. “It may become the most fascinating thing to you.”

This book is great because it has a simple philosophy that can apply to everyone. There are no classes that teach about life and purposeful meaning after college. The Voice, the Mind, and the Traveler, teaches the reader to take it all in stride, to relax and let the small things go.

“It offers guidance,” said Chopra. “You go to school to open your mind and professors should teach something that opens your mind.

“The book is the way I can provide, because it is the domain I see.”

Currently, the book is being offered at Rock Point Books, which offers a 10 percent discount to students on all books.

Also, Chopra is offering a student discount, making the book $5.

I definitely recommend buying the Voice, the Mind and the Traveler. It is thought provoking in its wisdom but an easy story to read. The book could definitely transform your life.