A Plan for the Journey

A Plan for the Journey

At the core of the foregoing questions lie at least three important assumptions about our journey:

a) I do want to get somewhere.

That is, you have a destination in mind, which is related to, or which springs from, your intend or purpose.

b) I have a plan for getting, from where I am, to my destination.

The getting from here to there requires the implementation or execution of your plan. This requires action, or a specified set of actions. These actions constitute the – the acting out of your plan. The third belief is:

c) When I get to where I want to go, I will want what I have “gotten.”

That is to say, it is expected that you did indeed get to where you wanted to go and not to some similar place or to a place in the vicinity of where you really had wanted to go. Another way of putting this is that you have gotten what you want and you are satisfied, at least for the moment, with what you have gotten.

There are, of course, many complex issues pertaining to these three beliefs and to the underlying question of getting to where you want to go. To begin with, we may realize that much of our success hinges upon the quality of the plan. We may ask some unnerving questions, such as: how will external factors, such as the actions of others or acts of nature, effect the plan and/or its execution?

On the other hand, we may wonder, in the first instance, about the basis for our belief in the potential for our plan to succeed. Moreover, what may sound alarming to some of us, is that we may have lingering doubts – do we still want to be where we have come?

This last question, if not answered in the affirmative, may reset the cycle of questions, with resulting review and perhaps a redefinition of purpose, goals, plans and actions anew. This could go on.

For the present, though, let us assume that these preliminary questions are not enough to discourage or to overwhelm us – the determined goal seeking individuals. That is to say, we have a defined purpose for our journey, we have a plan of action, or a map with the necessary navigational tools (i.e., compass, binoculars, etc.) to get there. Let us assume, furthermore, that we are confident that where this journey will take us is where we want to go. Let us say, then, that we are embarked upon our journey.

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