Help Along the Way

Help Along the Way

There were many individuals who help me at various stages of my life. You may call them givers. These givers included many learned and “wise” individuals. From my personal life there were relatives (especially my father), friends, teachers and relatives who served as guides and mentors. My professional life was enrichened by an abundance of givers among co-workers, business executives, government administrators, entrepreneurs and, significantly, students. All were able, willing and eager to help when asked. Often, they helped when they saw a way, even without being asked!

The many contributions made of the continuous flow of students, with whom I was fortunate to be associated, were especially valuable in collecting the information needed to compile The Trilogy. These bright individuals were eager to learn and to help at the same time. At the very least, they conducted and reported through research projects and case studies the experiences of a wide range of individuals and organizations. Many brought their own experiences which, in some instances, they related with remarkable clarity to the philosophy of the Brook. With their alert and inquiring minds, they helped us stay on our path while always serving as clear and polished sounding boards for our evolving thoughts and our many questions. These students collectively contributed far more than I am able to return to any one of them, individually.

What they desired most from me was a simple answer to the question:

How should I conduct myself in order to be successful, happy and fulfilled?

In other words, they wanted the answer to very question with which our “quest” in the Brook had begun:

What would have helped me most in my life if I had known it as a youth?

Having by now unfolded the philosophy of the Brook, and having concluded that “life is action,” we were ready to embark on the journey to discover the boat and the maps for navigating the waters. In other words, we were ready to lay out the “12 Steps of Purposeful Action” in its three phases.

Essays excerpted from The Trilogy, as well the entire Brookmaster game, can be found in the pages of this web site.

Happy navigating and, again, welcome to The Brook!