Purposeful Action in Nutshell

Purposeful Action in a Nutshell

Purposeful Action captures our attention on the journey in the waters at the point where the philosophy of the Brook concludes that life is action. We start with the hypothesis that to achieve happiness, success and fulfillment, while avoiding pain and suffering, we must “act with a purpose” which directs us towards the achievement of these goals. Having stated this hypothesis, which at first thought appears obvious, the second book of The Trilogy undertakes the task of examining action in some detail.

The first task is to review the various types of actions with a view to characterizing them so that we may focus on one specific type of action – the type of action most relevant to our purpose (i.e. the universal human goals). The type of action selected for a “purposeful” journey is referred to simply as “purposeful action.” We subseqently set our minds on just this type of action.

Purposeful Action is viewed, in the most generalized way, as consisting of three phases:

Phase I: Forming a Mission for Action

Phase II: Performing the Action

Phase III: Reviewing and Renewing the action

Metaphorically, Purposeful Action provides the raft, or boat, for navigating the waters of the Brook. The construct of this raft is in the form of “12 Steps of Purposeful Action” which provide the framework and the propulsion system for the raft.

Purposeful Action – A Simple Definition

Purposeful Action is at the core of our journey through the Brook. Simply stated, Purposeful Action represents the focus and directed activities of the mind and the body, driven by a mission which is derived from an absolute and unwavering commitment by the mind.


Mission defines the purpose for action. Thus, mission, derived by the mind (i.e.: a mission in which the individual believes and which comes from “inside” instead of “outside”,leads to purposeful or meaningful action. In a spiritual plane, the mission is defined and directed by the intuitive guidance of the inner spirit, or soul.

The Three Phases of Purposeful Action

Purposeful Action involves twelve steps in three phases:

Phase I: Defining the Purpose or Forming the Mission for Action – Where the mind reaches the soul.
Phase II: Planning and Performing the Action – Where the mind constructs the path and “the rubber meets the road”.
Phase III: Reviewing and Renewin the Action – Where the mind re-examines the action and it’s purpose.

Phase I: Forming the Mission – Defining the Purpose for Action

Step 1: Searching through Introspection – The inner or intuitive search
Step 2: Coming to Realization – Forming a Vision of the new “state” that is desired.
Step 3: Defining the Mission – The “object” to which commitment is made – the “driver” for all subsequent steps.

Phase II: Forming the Plan – Performing the Action

Step 4: Setting a Goal – The specified objective that must be achieved (or attained) in order to accomplish the mission.
Step 5: Defining your Strategy – The most effective way to get to the goal.
Step 6: Developing your Plan – What needs to be done, or “acted,” to implement the strategy.
Step 7: Laying out your Organization – Putting people, things and tasks together to implement the plan.
Step 8: Team-Building or Staffing – Getting people and resources together, assigning responsibilities and authority, etc.
Step 9: Guidance – Direction, showing how to act out the plan, within the context of the organization.

Purposeful Action occurs when people “do their thing” in accordance with the plan (which provides the guidance for the individual or the organization). Purposeful Action occurs through activity in the organization because it is through activity that something of “value” (i.e. achieving the goals to fulfill the mission) is produced.

Phase III: Review and Renewal of the Action

Step 10: Assessment – measurement and evaluation of results of the action.
Step 11: Renewal – revision of plans and goals and re-guidance as needed.
Step 12: Reinforcement – recognition of performance and consequential rewards or reprimands.

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Happy navigating and, again, welcome to The Brook!