Five Material Motivators

Five Material Motivators

From the waters of the Brook we extract ancient wisdom to discover therein “five spiritual sentinels” – forces which lead the individual towards the bank of the Givers. We also discover in the wisdom extracted from the waters “five material motivators” – forces which lead the individual towards the bank of the Takers. With some reflection, we realize that the major currents in the waters are generated by individual actions,driven by these two pairs of generally opposing five forces.

The six archetypes of the Brook represent a broad aspect of human nature and behavior. Each of these six archetypes of the Brook may, and do, from time to time act in a manner that may represent one or more of the other five archetypes as well as either of the two “opposing” grand archetypes. That is to say, each individual may act as one or more of the distinct archetypes and may act as either a Giver or a Taker, depending upon the circumstances, or upon the forces by which they are driven at that moment. However, during the majority of their journeys, most travelers act as Navigators or Transactionists, both giving and taking with the flow, depending upon the currents on which they “ride” at the time.

The five material motivators, or emotions, that drive individual action to destructive ends if they are left unchecked or unbalanced are:

Lust: Passion for physical pleasures.

Anger: Rage and uncontrolled urges for revenge and destruction.

Greed: Desire to take all you can, without satisfaction.

Attachment: Possessiveness and focus on ownership by “me” and “mine”.

Arrogance: The feeling that you are everything and that everything should serve your needs and wants.

When allowed to dominate our bodies and minds these five “drivers” generate currents of the taking force in our minds. Under the control of these drivers, the mind directs actions which result in the experience of fear, doubt and darkness.

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Happy navigating and, again, welcome to The Brook!