cropped-IMG_6300-Version-2.jpgWhat is Purposeful Living?

How do I Find Meaning and Purpose in My Life? What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning of success and fulfillment? How can I discover what I really want?

purposecoverjpegSuch questions, perplexing to most, have been asked and answered over the ages. There are no shortcuts to discovering the true purpose and meaning of your life. In so far as life is the flow of actions, purposeful living boils down to acting with purpose – or purposeful action. How can you live a purposeful life without acting purposefully?

Some people believe that the purpose of life is to gain success by any means. They measure success in terms of prestige and material wealth. But there is more to life. For example, if you are asked, “Why do you want success?” Your answer might be, “Because it makes me happy.” So there you see, you really seek the happiness that you believe success will bring to you. But success with outer gains just provides short-term happiness that fades away as we set our sites on getting more and more.

According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, happiness is the highest good that humans seek. We also know that serving and giving brings happiness. This leads us to the belief that serving and giving is the purpose of living. Therefore, Purposeful Living is a life of serving and giving. However, order to serve and give meaningfully you must yourself first be of sound body, mind and spirit.

Truthful living sets you free.
Giving brings happiness and fulfillment.

There is no piety in poverty – nor is there virtue in wealth.
So, enjoy the gifts you receive and be grateful to the Giver!

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Where should you begin?

You should begin within yourself — by contemplation and meditation.

You can support your contemplation with teachings that foster your desire for the Truth. This will help you distinguish what is meaningful from what constitutes wasting of your most valuable gift — the gift of life. Truthful teachings will satisfy your inner yearning for freedom, and guide you in distancing yourself from life’s material tentacles. Truth will free you, while nourishing your desire for spiritual growth.

This website summarizes, in a way you can put to immediate use, the wisdom of sages of the ages. Sources of this wisdom include the Greek and later European philosophers, Spiritual Teachers, the Vedic Sages of Ancient India and the Ten Teachers of the Sikh faith.

cover_ebookYou can start your journey to a happier and more fulfilling life by reading and understanding the Four Secrets of Purposeful Living, and periodically visiting the Purposeful Action Blog.

The novels, The Purpose and Meaning of Life and its sequel, If I had Known, can help you relate to your own journey the unique story of personal development of Pete Cameron, a designer of computer software.

Dispersed throughout this site, in the associated blog, and the video channel, you will find nuggets of practical wisdom that Pete discovers on his quest for the purpose and meaning of life. Discover, through the life of Pete Cameron, how you can find purpose and meaning in Your Life.

In summary, Purposeful Living results from applying Purposeful Action to your all aspects of your life. You can start applying Purposeful Action today, to fulfill the purpose of Your Life !

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