What is Purposeful Leadership?

Simply stated, Purposeful Leadership is the act of transforming dreams to reality in a way that helps others. Another way of saying this is that Purposeful Leadership incorporates positive ethical values and is aimed at serving others. Purposeful Leaders are Givers. They are Servant leaders!

Mountainbikes -Banf 4-037Above all, leaders are dreamers, doers and get storytellers! The dreams of Purposeful Leaders are shared by all those affected by the leader’s actions. On the other hand, non-purposeful leaders are Takers. They shatter the dreams of many who are accepted and turn them into nightmares, like Hitler.

Leadership has been defined by some as the act of influencing others. This definition works well when describing a quality in an individual, but when a deeper understanding of leadership is sought the word becomes much more mysterious.

It is important to distinguish Taker-Leaders from Giver-Leaders, or Purposeful Leaders. Most people, when referring to Leaders in general mean Giver Leaders, or Servant Leaders. However, the definition of Purposeful and Servant Leaders is very strict in terms of the Giver-Taker ratio — Purposeful Leaders are Givers.

Why do so many people view some American presidents, such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and John Kennedy, as great leaders? What made them leaders? What about inspirational leaders, like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa? How were some of these inspirational leaders able to influence other leaders?
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Purposeful Leaders are Givers
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