Happiness comes from Giving!
Aristotle has provided one of the clearest explanations of happiness as the ultimate good that humans seek. It is not surprising that happiness depends on good and ethical thought.

Nicole_thinkingSo, how can I find Happiness?

There is no simple way to find happiness. The search for happiness is a quest deep within oneself.
However, there are ways to simplify your quest for happiness. Here is one true and tested way to find happiness. Using ancient wisdom, The Brook of Life provides a simple metaphor for life’s journey to happiness and fulfillment.

Aristotle has provided one of the clearest explanations of happiness as the ultimate good that humans seek. It is not surprising that happiness depends on good and ethical thought.

Our journey down the brook is as full and rich as we make it. The Voice, the Mind and the Traveler reveals the Seven Secrets for Happiness through a happy and inspiring journey of a young girl named Ann.

Watch Video: How Purposeful Living Brings Happiness.

vmt3As you read this insightful little book, it may be helpful to think of it as an opportunity to reflect on the revealed story. It is a simple story, a modern story, and the undiscerning reader may glance over it quickly, missing all the beauty and wisdom it has to offer.

Like the best moments in life that are fleeting, this book elicits much reflection and contemplation to gather the most from it.

Excerpted below you will find three of the Seven Secrets for Happiness. These are accompanied by simple actions designed to lead to happiness. These actions are meant to supplement your own journey in the brook. After reading The Voice, The Mind and the Traveler, you will have the knowledge to make a change in your life, and this web site and book will serve as a guide to help you.

Each of the seven secrets is related to the number of the secret. For example, the first secret is related to the number “1”, the second to “2,” and so on.

Welcome to a life of happiness in the brook!

First Secret of Happiness – One: We are all One – Meditation on the One

Prayer, worship and meditation is the lesson from the First Secret for Happiness.

Application of the First Secret: Begin meditating.

Start with three minutes each day and clear your mind. Gradually increase the amount of time and allow for reflection. Light a candle, or take a relaxing bath. This will clear your mind and allow you to start on the path to the first secret. Remember to be consistent and start with a manageable ritual.

Second Secret of Happiness – Two: Creation Begins in Two Opposing Pairs

The lesson from the Second Secret for Happiness is that giving leads to happiness!

Application of the Second Secret: Begin giving.

Start at home. Clear out your closets and donate to a charity. Rid yourself of unnecessary clutter. The path to the second secret begins with giving. By giving to others you are promoting the way to happiness. It begins small, but grows from there. If you aren’t using an item, let it be put to use by others. Your environment is a reflection of yourself. You’ll have more space externally and, in turn, you will have more internal space.

Third Secret of Happiness Three: Recognize Your Trinity – Body, Mind, & Spirit

Creating flow, resonance and spark in body, mind and spirit is the lesson from the Third Secret for Happiness.

Application of the Third Secret: Begin identifying.

Make three columns on a sheet of paper and label them Body, Mind and Spirit. Under each heading write out quickly the desires of each aspect of your trinity. Don’t censor your answers! Be honest and write whatever comes to mind. These can be large or small desires, like money or a chocolate cupcake. Don’t throw your list away! You will need it for the fourth secret.

This will help you to begin identifying your desires and to see if they are helpful or destructive to your life. The third secret is about awareness; and this is part of being enlightened about yourself. Awareness is the beginning of change. Try expanding your newfound awareness to other aspects of your life, whether personal or professional.

Are your actions based on your trinity?

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