“In deep meditation one seeks the infinite reality beyond the perceivable–beyond consciousness.”

Meditating Buddha

How can three minutes change your life? Read on, or go straight to the > Three-Minute Meditation.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a form of mental yoga and prayer. Yoga simply means union. In Eastern tradition, Yoga means union of the spirit in the individual with the Supreme Spirit or Supreme Creative Force, which some call God.

Every soul has an innate desire to be united with the source of all being and, through this unity, to set itself free from all bonds that prevent it from achieving its highest potential. This unity is sometimes referred to as a state of resonance, when the subject and object vibrate in unison. This is why many forms of meditation and prayer use chanting, kirtan or mantras to create resonance with the spirit.

Here’s a brief sampling of Sikh Kirtan across the world:

Mind is the flow of thoughts. By controlling your thoughts, you control your mind. Mental Yoga, helps your mind disassociate from your thoughts. By releasing your mind from the tentacles of the world, you free your spirit. This is the essence of the teachings of Buddha.

Why should I Meditate?

To improve the quality of your life. vmt3Here are some ways in which meditation can change your life:

  • reduce your anxiety and stress
  • reduce the turbulence of thoughts in your mind, allowing you to think clearly
  • become more aware of everyone and everything around you
  • become more at home with yourself and in the universe
  • be able to concentrate and work more effectively at your tasks
  • see where you are and determine where you wish to go
  • become less insecure, and less anxious and hostile
  • build better relationships

Ann discovers the beauty of meditation in The Voice, the Mind and the Traveler.

What is Involved in Meditation?

The ultimate purpose of deep meditation is to achieve union with the Supreme Creative Force. This is the essence of mental yoga or Gyan yoga. It can take years of practice to reach this state of unity, and the freedom from material bonds that the union provides. The guidance of an enlightened teacher can help, but is it not necessary. Many have tried deep meditation but few have completed the journey.

However, you can benefit immediately by simple meditation. Simple does not mean easy. To obtain the benefits of becoming more at home with yourself and in the universe, you will need to meditate diligently over a period of time. There is no end-point. Rather, the continuous practice of simple meditation will result in continuous improvement in the quality of all aspects of your life and will bring you increasing happiness.

How should I start?

purposefulwisdomYou can start meditating today for just three minutes and observe the changes in your life!

Start by making a commitment to meditate. This will require setting aside just three minutes each day. During these three minutes, you should be alone and away from any sounds or distractions, but no special place is needed. It is preferable that you meditate in the same place and at the same time, but these can be changed if needed. You may meditate while sitting or lying down, or in any position in which your body and mind are comfortable and you are not likely to be stressed or distracted. You also may meditate as you walk, but unless you are fairly advanced at meditation, it will be difficult to avoid distractions.

A step-by-step guide to Three-Minute Meditation.

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