How do Leaders Create Vision? How Can I Create Vision?

There is no simple process for creating vision.
Vision is not created or formed with a deliberation action of the mind. It appears within the mind during the absence of active thought, such as during a state of quiet contemplation, meditation, sleep or rest. It can occur during worship and prayer, or on a walk or even during exercise, whenever the mind is not deluged with activities that demand attention.

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nexusdarkerfontcoverAlthough vision might seem to appear suddenly, the process occurs over time, Vision develops as the mind absorbs experiences from various sources and allows them to settle harmoniously. Meditation aids in the harmonious settlement of thoughts. After this occurs, until the desired solution is ready to present itself in the form of a vision. Some ways to foster introspection include meditation, prayer or some similar form of mental and physical relaxation. Purposeful leaders look within for the purpose of action. This is what we refer to as Introspection, the first step of purposeful action, when one forms a mental image representing the vision of a desired state.

Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln, are known to have practiced introspection in one form or another. Meditation is a well known from of introspection. Others include long walks, prayer, exercise, and yoga, but these are not the only ways. There are many ways to search within for vision. The method is not important but diligent practice of stilling random thoughts and calming the mind is essential.

You can read more about Leadership and Vision from Prem Chopra’s latest book: Masters of the Game.

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