How to Become Financially Secure with Purposeful Action

All individuals, including Purposeful Leaders, must become free of financial stress by fulfilling their need for financial security, so they can focus on serving others. Here we show you a simple way to grow a golden goose, which free you of financial stress in three simple steps. Remember, you need just enough material wealth to satisfy what your need, not to feed your greed !

Three Steps to Financial Independence:

Step 1: Create flow—of money. Work purposefully and persistently, serving and earning a fair reward in return.

Step 2: Let cash flow work for you—Grow your golden goose by paying yourself regularly through putting money in savings, preferably as much as you pay in taxes. Be disciplined, live frugally and save diligently.

Step 3: Go with the flow–Don’t dip into it, and do not eat the goose that lays the eggs for your financial nest. Be patient and persistent.

These steps to financial independence have been applied over two decades in finance classes for engineering undergraduates. Many have benefitted by applying these rules. Some have accumulated wealth beyond their imagination. You can apply these steps and start building your nest as well.

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