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life-beautiful-websiteWhat is Purposeful Inspiration?

Inspiration is a mental condition in which an individual senses a feeling of purpose or a calling to act to achieve something out of the ordinary. The person’s mind often is stimulated to do something creative, or even spectacular. Sometimes, the inspiration is internal or spiritual. In this case, the inspired person might experience a profound desire to realize his of her true self, or to unite with a Supreme Force, such as God.

An individual might be inspired from within, of from external stimuli such as the achievements of others, nature, music, the arts, or even the words of others. Inspiration from within does not require external stimulation or deliberate action of the mind. It appears within the mind during the absence of active thought, such as during a state of quiet contemplation, meditation, sleep or rest. Inspiration can come during worship and prayer, or on a walk or even during exercise. It appears only when the mind is not deluged with activities that demand attention.

Purposeful Inspiration is not driven by self-interest. The inspired person is not motivated by the desire of material gains, recognition or status (desires of taking). Rather, the opportunity to pursue the vision is, in and of itself, the reward that the individual seeks. The role of the individual, and particularly of a leader , is to transform vision into reality. The Principles of Purposeful Action demand that all transformational actions result in doing good to other, beyond just doing no harm. The Second and Third Principles assure the integration of ethics with action.


How Can I Create Vision?

There is no simple process for creating vision.

The term “vision,” particularly as it relates to the vision of the Leader, is often used interchangeably with inspiration. However, vision is generally a consequence of inspiration. That is to say, inspiration often manifests itself in the form of a “vision.”  The nature or substance of inspiration and the subsequent vision could be material, mental, meta-physical or spiritual. Meditation is one of the oldest and most reliable way to create a state of mind that invites inspiration and vision.

Vision is a mental perception or visualization of state of being, or accomplishment, to which the individual aspires. The nature of substance of vision could be material, mental, meta-physical or spiritual. Whatever the origin or nature of the vision, every meaningful and purposeful action must begin with vision. The depth of the inspiration that underpins the vision determines the level of commitment the individual makes to the vision. Vision is at the heart of the First Principle of Purposeful Action.

Purposeful Action and Purposeful Leadership start with vision. Vision comes from “Introspection.” Like meditation, introspection is the search for resonance — to discover the dream that represents a state to which one aspires. Everyone dreams, and each individual has visions of how things could have been or might be in the future. Vision is our visualization of future that we aim to capture with our actions. Here we use the term vision to describe a state of being that we desire or seek. The individual must reach within to find the vision for Purposeful Action. Enlightened Leadership starts with this step.