Takers trantula2Who are the Takers in the Brook of Life?

Takers are one of the two Grand Archetypes of the Brook. These two Grand Archetypes define the ethical balance of all individuals and organizations.

Taking Brings Unhappiness
Taking  brings sorrow and misery
Takers create turbulence in the Brook
Receiving with gratitude is not the same as taking

So, how do you recognize a Taker?


Simple. Takers serve themselves at the expense of others. This prevents them from performing purposeful actions. Most individuals tend to avoid takers once they recognize them. However when driven by one’s own desires, an individual might fail to recognize a taker. Takers in the Brook of Life are unhappy people. They cause turbulence in the waters, creating obstructions and disturbances for other navigators.

Each of the Six Business Archetypes might choose to behave or act as either a Giver or a Taker depending upon the situation. These choices are influenced by the motivation for the action (Third Principle). The choices also are influenced the actions of others and on the situation or the environment (Fourth Principle).

The Taker Archetype is guided by the five negative core values:

  • lust
  • anger
  • greed
  • attachment
  • arrogance

Takers are driven by the lower levels of desire:

  • satisfying their lust
  • acquiring power and wealth for themselves

Actions of taking are not purposeful. Such actions lead to pain, suffering and unhappiness for all who are affected by them. Non-purposeful actions in organizations lead to lower morale, reduced productivity and inevitable failure

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