What is Purposeful Action bluebannerWhat is Purposeful Action?

Purposeful Action is a leadership and self-development framework that blends ancient wisdom with modern management practices. It provides systematic guidelines that you can use immediately to improve the quality of your personal and professional life.

Purposeful Action starts with commitment to a mission. To be purposeful, the mission for the action must be derived from a vision born of inner conviction, and the action must benefit others beyond self. In a deeper sense, Purposeful Action is Karam Yoga, or the Yoga of Action.

So, what is Purposeful Action? Purposeful Action boils down to Four Principles.

  1. Action should be driven by purpose, and it should serve others beyond yourself
  2. Ethics should be guided by your core values, separating right from wrong
  3. Desires motivate your actions, and you should manage these with ethics in mind
  4. Relationships and environmental factors are essential for meaningful actions

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Nothing worthwhile is achieved without purposeful effort and actions except by accident. Any individual or organization with an objective must understand the anatomy of right action to effectively navigate to success. Right action begins with Truth. Giving brings happiness. Purposeful Action demands the nexus of body, mind and spirit.

By understanding the anatomy of action and what motivates action, you will be better equipped to grow and manage your life, and to lead others. This section of the website explains the Principles of Purposeful Action and how you can apply them in your personal and professional life, and in your organization:

  • Purposeful Action is driven by commitment to a mission born from a vision derived from within — from inner-conviction.
  • Purposeful Action serves others beyond just serving the ends of the individual or organization. This leads to success as well as fulfillment.
  • In an organization, commitment must be made to the mission — not to individual or other interests.
  • Purposeful Action is based upon belief and faith in the purpose of the action. This leads to unswerving commitment to the action.
  • Commitment to an action engenders conviction, and increases the probability of success and fulfillment.

brookmastericonPurposeful Action will help you navigate effectively through the white-waters of challenges and Master the Game of Life. The key elements of the Principles of Purposeful Action have been coded into into the BrookMaster Personal Assessment and Leadership Coaching Game. You can download BrookMaster Free from the Apple Appstore. (BrookMaster is currently being enhanced)

The Four Principles of Purposeful Action are covered in depth in Prem Chopra’s latest book, Masters of the Game.

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