Make the world your garden … and let it amaze you !

A peaceful garden can be the perfect place for prayer and meditation.

You can find beauty and serenity throughout this amazing universe.

Make the Universe your garden of love, peace and harmony.

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A few pictures from  My garden in the Brook of Life.



Your garden is a wonderful place to meditate. If you make the world your garden world, then you can meditate anywhere.

Meditation is a form of Yoga, and prayer is a form of meditation. Yoga simply means union. In Eastern tradition, Yoga means union of the spirit in the individual with the Supreme Spirit or Supreme Creative Force, which some call God.

Meditating BuddhaMind is the flow of thoughts. By controlling your thoughts, you control your mind. Meditation, or Mental Yoga, helps your mind disassociate from your thoughts. By releasing your mind from the tentacles of the world, you free your spirit. This is the essence of the teachings of Buddha.

So, why should You Meditate?

To improve the quality of Your Life.

Here’s how meditation in your garden can change your “busy” life:
  • VMTreduce your anxiety and stress
  • improve your health and wellbeing
  • reduce the turbulence of thoughts in your mind, allowing you to think clearly
  • become more at home with yourself and in the universe
  • be able to concentrate and work more effectively at your tasks
  • see where you are and determine where you wish to go
  • become less insecure, and less anxious and hostile
  • build better relationships
  • live a happier life

Add this three-minute meditation to your life in your garden today, and enjoy the benefits !

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The World is Your Garden – Let it Amaze you!

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