Lessons from “The Purpose and Meaning of Life”
Dr. Prem Chopra, Hanrow Press, 2001

Here is the first set of lessons Pete learns on his quest for the Purpose and Meaning of Life. This quest eventually leads him to the wisdom his Grandpa had tried to impart — the wisdom of the Brook of Life!

Lessons from Ashes: Chapter 1 of The Purpose and Meaning of Life:

  • purposecoverjpegLife ends — even as we live assuming it will go on forever.
  • Everything flows and changes — all the time.
  • Once water flows, it never returns — all actions in life are irreversible; some may be repeatable. There is no “making-up” in life.
  • We have ears only for that which our experience allows us to understand. The key is to grow ears from the tales of others.
  • It is futile to pursue some things in life. Wisdom teaches what is meaningful and what is illusionary. This truth lies at the root of the journey to knowledge.
  • Knowing that one knows is an illusion. Knowing that one knows not is meaningful.
  • Currents created by others influence our lives. The key is to circumvent the currents that hinder the journey and ride those that carry us towards our purpose. Wisdom teaches how to discriminate between the two.
  • We fulfill the purpose of life by fulfilling our duty.
  • We recognize a spark in some travelers of the Brook.
  • Thoughts in the mind are like bubbles in the stream. Yet, repressed thoughts may rise again — creating new disturbances.
  • Peace and serenity lie within — as tranquility lies in deep waters.
  • Truth and love are central to the purpose of life.

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Lessons from Purpose and Meaning of Life

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