Humans are bundles of desire.

cover_ebookYour actions are motivated by your desires. Desires come in many flavors and intensities, and they determine the value system by which you act and live. Your value system in turn guides your actions. So what you desire affects how you act, whether or not you realize it consciously. In other words, actions are driven or motivated by the desires of individuals.

Four Levels of Desire Drive Your Actions

For centuries, Western behavioral scientists, philosophers and psychologists have studied how human behavior is influenced by needs, wants and desires. One notable behavioral psychologist, Abraham Maslow, has proposed a hierarchy of desires or needs that drive human behavior. He presented a list in the form of a pyramid, starting with basic physical needs for food and survival, and progressing to psychological needs of self-realization and self-actualizing.

More than six centuries ago, the Vedic sages of India had provided a similar, yet much simpler, list of four levels of desires that govern human behavior. The first two levels cover desires of taking, where the needs are directed towards satisfying self. The second two levels are comprised of desires that are directed towards serving others and the need to relate to something beyond self.  — more …

Humans are Bundles of Desire

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