How to Build Meaningful Relationships?

While walking along the river this morning, these thoughts about meaningful relationships came to mind. This has to do with the Fourth Principle of Purposeful Action.

expect less – accept more!


Preamble to Building Meaning Relationships:

  • purposefulwisdomDesires foster hope as well as expectations. Buddha attributes pain and suffering to desires (of taking).
  • Expectations create excitement through anticipation, anxiety and stress through uncertainty, fear and anger through insecurity, and disappointment and sorrow when unmet.
  • Humans are bundles (or victims) of (their own) desires.
  • We expect others to behave (act) in a manner that will satisfy our desires.
  • No individual behaves (acts) in a manner to satisfy all of our desires.
  • You cannot change the behavior (or actions) of others to meet your expectations.
  • true teacher can help seekers change themselves, if they have the ears.

So, How can You Build Meaningful Relationships?

  • Expect not – others to act in ways to satisfy your desires at the expense of their own, rather accept that they might pursue their own desires, even at the expense of yours.
  • Expect not – others to change to meet your expectations, rather change your attitude in a way to accept what you respect in their behavior (actions).
  • Do sublimate desires that lead to expectations from others, by acquiring wisdom – through meditation and guidance from a true teacher.
  • Do Look for the Five Positive Core Values in yourself (givers) and others, and be wary of those who exhibit the Five Negative Core Values (takers). Discover your Giver/Taker balance — Play the Free BrookMaster game in the AppStore.


How to Build Meaningful Relationships?

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