Change Your Life with this Three-Minute Meditation

Meditation releases your mind from the tentacles of the world, freeing your spirit.
Just three minutes can get you started! There is no end-point for meditation.Meditate Free UR Mind Buddha PA

What is the Purpose of Meditation?

Meditation brings peace and serenity. Simple meditation will bring you continuous improvement in the quality of your life and it will bring you increasing happiness. However, simple does not mean easy. To become more at home with yourself and in the universe, you will need to meditate diligently over a period of time. There is no end-point for such meditation.

The ultimate purpose of deep meditation is to achieve union with the Supreme Creative Force. This is the essence of mental Yoga or Gyan Yoga. It can take years of meditation to reach the state of unity, and the freedom from material bonds that the union provides.

Meditate on One

Release your mind … and free your spirit!

The Setup:

Start by making a commitment to meditate. This will require setting aside just three minutes for meditation each day. During these three minutes, you should be alone and away from any sounds or distractions, but no special place is needed. It is preferable that you meditate in the same place and at the same time, but these can be changed if needed. You may meditate while sitting or lying down, or in any position in which your body and mind are comfortable and you are not likely to be stressed or distracted. You also may meditate as you walk, but unless you are fairly advanced at meditation, it will be difficult to avoid distractions.

Phase One – Minute One:

Once you are settled comfortably, you can start the First Phase of your meditation. During the first minute of your meditation start counting your breath—completing each cycle of inhalation and exhalation at the count of one. Do this for approximately one minute or for a count of sixty. Observe the thoughts flowing randomly across your mind. Allow the thoughts to flow.

Phase Two – Minute Two:

Start the counting again from one. This time, in the form of a soft whisper, add a prayer or mantra of your choice. Or, use Ek Omkar — The Sikh invocation of the oneness of all creation. The vibration from this mantra invokes the primordial sounds of all the vowels to create the meaning – One. Do this for the count of sixty. You will observe after some practice that the flow of your thoughts becomes less turbulent and you are able to let go of thoughts that were distracting your meditations in the past.

Phase Three – Minute Three:

During this Third Phase, continue to breathe deeply and steadily, but stop counting. Continue to whisper the mantra and reflect on your connection with the One Universal Creative Force. After some time, the turbulence of your thoughts will reduce further and your thoughts will flow slower and more steadily. At some point, perhaps after years of meditation, there will be split-moments of emptiness – a gap -between your thoughts. Dive into this gap and enjoy the bliss of Oneness with the Creative Force.

You also will discover that you are able to let go of some of the thoughts that distracted your meditations in the past. Your stress will reduce, and your mind will be drawn to the serenity that this phase of meditation produces. This will cause you to automatically increase the duration of your meditation beyond the third minute, as you begin to enjoy the gentle flow of thoughts that bring peace and serenity to your mind.

Beyond the Third Minute:

Once the “Third-Minute” of meditation starts to lengthen, you will be ready for the next stage of your journey to serenity and happiness.

Continue these three phases of meditation over a period of weeks and months. Allow yourself to experience the increasing benefits of meditation. You will find yourself more at home with yourself and in the universe, being able to concentrate and work more effectively at your tasks, seeing where you are and determining where you wish to go, becoming less insecure, less anxious and less hostile, and building more meaningful relationships with others.

Obtain more benefits from meditation, first by increasing the duration of your meditations and then by adding sessions during the day. In due course, you will discover that the benefits you experience in your meditative state are carrying over in all your activities.

“I started a simple meditation the day after a blissful turn following a crisis in my life. Now I meditate upon awakening in the morning, as I shower and dress, every time I get into a car to drive or ride, whenever I am not mentally occupied, and just before sleeping,” Prem Chopra.

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