BrookMaster is a Leadership Training and Coaching Tool. It predicts your propensity to be a Leader of any of the five other Archetypes: Entrepreneur, Manager, Consultant, Trustee, or Intellectual. It also predicts your Ethical Balance.

BrookMaster was originally designed as a Leadership Coaching Game for  graduate students in Engineering Management at the University of Tennessee.

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What is BrookMaster?
BrookMaster is a mind game played in the metaphoric Brook. This game will help you reach into your mind and travel to depths you seldom explore. BrookMaster guides you through the waters of the ever-changing Brook.  With simple questions, it provides insights to all aspects of your personal and professional life.

BrookMaster then predicts your propensity to be one of six Archetypes of the Brook: Leader, Entrepreneur, Manager, Intellectual, Trustee or Consultant. Finally, BrookMaster also measures and predicts your propensity to be a Giver or a Taker — the two Grand Archetypes of the Brook. The BrookMaster game will help you navigate the whitewaters of life as you relate your motivations and actions to those of other travelers.

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What Makes BrookMaster Special?
brookmastericon“I must admit, I am always a bit skeptical when asked to take a quiz, commonly known as ‘personality tests,’ when interviewing for a position. I don’t believe most of them to be accurate gages of a person’s personality or value as an employee because there are always very obvious “right” and ‘wrong’ answers on the test. With a little bit of common sense and practice, it is quite easy to cheat these tests to present yourself as a more desirable applicant. But the more important concern that has always bothered me about these tests: Who is to decide what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ about a person’s character?

“The BrookMaster game not only took me by pleasant surprise, but was quite refreshingly challenging. For the first time, with BrookMaster, when asked to complete a personality quiz, I did not know therightanswers. Why? Because they were all right.”

BrookMaster Does More than Assess Your Personality.
“The BrookMaster game does more than simply assess your personality as a potential employee, through comprehensive and didactic questions, it actually concentrates on your strengths as a leader and how to best utilize these strengths to better fulfill your desires, both professionally and personally. Just as it is impossible to ‘cheat’ at life because you are ultimately blind as to what life may present you, it is impossible to cheat at a game that does not test your ability to pick the right answers, but rather the right answers for you.” Ashley Vaughn, Pre-Med Student.

Who are the Archetypes in BrookMaster?
Archetypes, after Plato, can thought of as “forms” from which individuals are “molded.” Each individual is a combination of many archetypes. Furthermore, individual behavior changes from one action to another, depending upon the circumstance. During the course of an action, the archetype of an individual may change. For example, an athlete who acts as a leader of a relay race at one instance can transform into an intellectual during an interview following the award, in response to a serious question. Similarly, a successful entrepreneurial corporation may transform into a trusteeship as focus shifts to conserving the capital created.

The Archetypes of the Brook complete the metaphor of the Brook journey. There are Six Business Archetypes and Two Grand Archetypes. These navigators interact and influence one another and affect their flows. This concept of Archetypes of the Brook has been refined over a period of four decades through research, testing and application. This has resulted in the BrookMaster Personal Assessment and Leadership Coaching Game.

What can BrookMaster do for Me?
You can play the BrookMaster game to determine the archetypes of friends, business associates, or anyone you know or have read about – even Mohandas Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln. This will help you understand that individual and guide you in dealing with such persons. The game also will help you gravitate toward or away from the mindset of that person.

Organizations use BrookMaster to evaluate employees and to screen candidates for employment. A expanded version of BrookMaster includes a Leadership Coaching Tutorial based upon the Four Secrets of the Brook, which mirror the Four Principles of Purposeful Action. You may purchase this extended version of BrookMaster directly (coming soon) from our Bookstore.

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